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The Rubicon, 26/02/2015, 00:49

There are no rules,
Despair rules,
The game’s, by all means, over.
The outcome?
What may will come,
Not even worth to bother.
Will come what may,
All look astray,
With nothing left to matter.
Though long ago
We had a go,
Is now lost the battle.
No fuel to burn.
Of no return
The point has been endorsed.
The chance is gone,
The Rubicon
Has finally been crossed.

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Монограмма, 19/02/2015, 22:59

Меха полосы,
Грани камня.
Тембр голоса,
Взгляда пламя.
Пальцы бережно
Красят кольца,
Кожа нежная
В бликах солнца.
На руке браслет
Цвета радуги,
Отражает свет,
Взоры радуя.
Серег конусы
В ушах реют.
Жарким полюсом
Сердце греют.
Губы пухлые
Так безропотно,
Прямо в ухо мне,
Тихим шепотом.
В пряном запахе,
Как в тумане,
Блещут запонки

Eltchin , Filed under: Лиричеcкие , Comments (1)

All things God gave her, 17/02/2015, 13:13

They always trust her,
She is a master
And wouldn’t blast it,
When has control.
She is aware,
Alert, prepared,
With so much care
Can change it all.
Excels with hounors,
So swift at corners,
Now has the onus
To prove it wrong.
Cannot resist it,
Her hands in blisters,
No need to listen
And wait that long.
Comes in her hour,
She gains the power,
Comes down the tower
Of inner fear.
It’s time for action,
No single fraction
Can cause distraction
And interfere.
Solution’s found,
When she’s around,
All safe and sound,
Go on to thrive.
All things God gave her
Add special savor,
She is the savior
Of soul and life.

Eltchin , Filed under: English , 3 комментария

An S-line, 13/02/2015, 21:22

I want to kiss
Her tender lips,
I know she wouldn’t care.
In such a bliss
Her finger tips
Draw s-line in the air.
She can impress
With playful dress
Her manners not to mention.
She’s so much stressed,
When in excess
And suffers from attention.
Her quiet voice
Brings me rejoice,
Her eyes are deep and brown.
Those eyes of hers
Leave me no choice,
In their sea I drown.
I want to kiss
Her tender lips,
I hope she wouldn’t mind.
With all at ease,
Sweet little Ms.,
She is of special kind.

Eltchin , Filed under: English , 3 комментария

Кривые, 12/02/2015, 00:01

Ах эти тонкие кривые
И сочетание круглых форм.
Едва завидев их впервые,
Теперь без памяти влюблен.
Сгибаясь в линию косую,
Сливаясь в нежный силуэт,
Мне красоту твою рисуют,
Которой лучше в мире нет.
И эти нежные обводы
Венец размеров и пропорций,
Как торжество идей природы
И отражение эмоций
А эти плавные лекала,
Как воплощение красоты.
Найти пытался идеал я,
Пока не повстречалась ты.

Maybe, 11/02/2015, 00:31

She never envies,
Is jealous not.
I like her «maybe»-s,
And hate her «not»-s.
Avoiding always,
Does not commit.
She doesn’t promise,
By chance comes in.
Ajar and distant
For all the time,
Is every instance
Of hers divine.
And every moment
Is so much more.
I hope her comment,
Will not be «no»
She is my baby,
Refined somewhat.
I love her «maybe»-s,
I hate her «not»-s.

Eltchin , Filed under: English , 3 комментария


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