Месяц: Апрель 2016

The spring has outbursted
And charges all the way.
There was a stop in Austin,
DC, Charlotte, LA.
Few nights, few flights to follow,
No plans to be destroyed.
Few zones, few states and boroughs,
To finish in Detroit.
The trip is almost over,
The mission is complete.
Some tea with leaves of clover
And time to hit the street.
The final preparations
And time to say good bye,
Proceed with registration,
Embarking on red eye.
A flight across the ocean,
To East, from dusk to dawn.
The positive emotions,
The road that brings us home.
The spring was long-awaited
The Union’s in bloom.
We hope to see you later,
We hope to see you soon.

A Texan girl from Austin
I met the other day.
She stood behind a poster
In Radisson hotel.
I don’t know what had brought her,
What she was there for.
Assisted by a porter,
Was entering the door.
She was so much flamboyant,
Exquisite and so chic.
Her haircut was boyish,
With accent on her cheeks.
It felt to be unreal,
As if I was a dream.
A true attention stealer.
Unparalleled would seem.
She came like a disaster,
Amidst a busy day.
I wish I dared to ask her
Out on a blind date.
I wish I was self bolstered
Before it was too late.
A Texan girl from Austin…
My heart went up a rate.

She wins with ease and rocks the score,
Advantage is so huge.
Oh, what a perfect dress she wore
Of deepest turquoise hue.
One final touch and move of hand
To fix her silky hair.
Oh, what a shine of diamond band
Fills room with light and air.
Her hair flows like waterfall,
That pours upon her shoulders.
Oh, what a perfect match she forms
All marshalled in a joinder.
All mixed and matched from head to toes,
Complete is her ensemble.
And that’s the way the story goes,
She never falls or stumbles.
So much it is for us, we claim,
Unusual and rare.
For her it’s just another day,
She doesn’t really care.


Могла и вовсе не стараться,
Но, результат бы поразил.
Ах, как на ней сидело платье
Оттенка яркой бирюзы.
Поправит волосы руками,
Откинет голову назад.
Ах, как играли в свете камни,
Блестели жгучие глаза.
Спадают волосы на плечи,
Струясь вдоль контуров лица,
И в сочетании безупречном,
Оттенок платья, цвет кольца.
Опустит веки, взгляд потупив,
Руки касаясь головой.
Ах, как попала стилем туфель
В ансамбль идеальный свой.
Могла и вовсе не стараться,
Хотя, ей, в общем то, не лень.
Для нас — на уровне сенсаций,
А для неё — обычный день.