Месяц: Январь 2015

All the things that she said,
Going round in my head,
Want to see her in red.
She’s always good at colour.
Though trying to revolt,
There’s nothing left to hold,
I know it:s all my fault.
Cannot resist to love her.
However strange may seem,
She’s cherished like a dream,
Imagine her in green.
It suits her like no other.
Will always think aloud,
Is never singled out.
Regret is not allowed
She is a perfect lover.
Though hate to be astray,
I know it’s not my way,
Sometimes she wears grey
And makes me think all over.
She talks with quiet voice,
Whatever is her choice,
Continues to rejoice.
I know she wouldn’t bother.

Не видно света из за туч,
Земля насквозь промокла.
Исчез последний солнца луч,
Дождь плетью бьет по окнам.
Вовсю деревья ветры гнут,
Пытаясь вырвать с корнем.
И воздух режет веток кнут,
Ушам от свиста больно.
Угрюмым фоном капель дробь,
Наполнен влагой воздух.
По телу дрожь да оторопь,
По крыше хлещут розги.
Стеной стоит воды поток,
В котором нет прогалин.
И мир до ниточки промок,
Нагайкой струй стегаем.

I wish, I was near,
I wish, I could hear
And live through it all.
Regret and despair,
For I am not there,
It isn’t my call.
I wish, I could witness
Your beauty, my Princess,
Without and within.
Bad luck and misfortune,
The life is a torture,
When you’re not in.
The very existence
Is worsened by distance,
Apart and ajar.
One more thing to mention:
The patience is questioned
When you are that far.
So bright and expressing
Your smile is a blessing
And changes it all.
Explicit and naked,
I  wish you could make it,
We would have a ball!