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A biased viewer,15/10/2021, 03:08

Expanding deeper from within
And standing on its own.
A purpose for existing means,
The magic inner world.
The outstanding inner self,
Abnormal, strange and alien.
The expectation to coerce,
And meet, though would it barely.
No single standard is intact,
It wouldn’t fit the framework.
And yet there is a clear plan,
There’s something it would aim for.
Expanding is the universe,
It is the brightest star,
Its world is chapter and the verse,
For real connoisseurs.
Not many people would accept,
Appreciate would fewer.
But I enjoyed as we incept,
Although a biased viewer.
Expanding deeper from within,
To none it’s standing second.
Involved a lot and yet is clean.
Is valued every second.


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