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A biased viewer,15/10/2021, 03:08

Expanding deeper from within
And standing on its own.
A purpose for existing means,
The magic inner world.
The outstanding inner self,
Abnormal, strange and alien.
The expectation to coerce,
And meet, though would it barely.
No single standard is intact,
It wouldn’t fit the framework.
And yet there is a clear plan,
There’s something it would aim for.
Expanding is the universe,
It is the brightest star,
Its world is chapter and the verse,
For real connoisseurs.
Not many people would accept,
Appreciate would fewer.
But I enjoyed as we incept,
Although a biased viewer.
Expanding deeper from within,
To none it’s standing second.
Involved a lot and yet is clean.
Is valued every second.

Freedom Banner, 16/11/2019, 08:51

That winter night
Truth came to light,

So little then they knew.

They’ve bet their lives
And paid the price,

No waiver for the due.

And ever since
The nightmare dreams

Became a sad recurrence.

Those nightmare dreams
With bloody scenes —

Continuous disturbance.

The stakes were high,
The win came by

With final proper claim.

That image thing,
Almighty king

Stood up on feet of clay.

Faithbraking stroke,
Machine gun’s smoke.

Dispelled all the belives.

They’d rather die,
But fly so high.

Than live on their knees.

What cherished they
All went astray,

The fear and the pain.

That winter night,
The tracers light,

The place was not the same.

They did what praised,
The banner raised.

Awaited freedom banner.

What was then gained,
Was not in vain.

Commitment was examined.

Eltchin , Filed under: English , Comments (0)

A Warrior, 06/10/2019, 09:02

She’s taught to have a social talk,
She’s taught a lot from scratch.
A lot of what she has to walk
Along with, has no match.
She’s taught to always shine and smile,
Ignoring grief or pain.
And all the time she comes with style,
No matter snow or rain.
No matter what a twist will take
Her life, and what a blow.
She’s not afraid to put at stake
It all, and even more.
She’s not afraid to risk it all
No matter what a strike.
An evening gown and overalls,
Suit perfectly alike.
She’s taught to have a social talk,
She’s taught a lot from scratch.
A lot of what she has to walk
Along with, has no match.

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The Scientist, 03/10/2019, 23:29

She is a true researcher,
Her methods and her tools.
She even does the paint job,
Of table and the stool.
She is a true explorer,
And when it comes to her,
She isn’t even bothered.
So much she’s down-to-earth.
Whatever is the challenge,
She’s lending helping hand.
There’s nothing she can’t manage,
She’s always in demand.
She is a true researcher,
No time to catch a nap.
She even does the paint job
Of table in her lab.

Simplicity with Class, 01/10/2019, 06:13

A simple twist of head,
Her chin is on her hand.
Her story leaves a tread,
Her hair’s silky strand!
An enigmatic smile,
Is casting deep and far.
Unprecedented style.
Shines like a shooting star.
She’s always up to it,
Whatever’s on her mind.
A perfect conduit.
One of a special kind.
So rare to come by
Is everything she does.
She’s able to combine.
Simplicity with class.

Steed, 23/04/2018, 06:37
They always fight for starting place,
For it will gain the battle.
The only way to win the race
Is ride without a saddle.
All noble men that know a thing
And do it best indeed.
Are all descendents of the king,
Have grown with their steed.
Have learned it all from early days,
Along with style and manners.
On duty or on holidays,
It has become a banner.
No matter coat is white or black,
No matter what the markings.
They start to ride it bareback
And skill improves with practice.
They always fight for starting place,
And always try to make it.
The only way to win the race
Is learn to ride it naked.
Eltchin , Filed under: English , Comments (1)

Patience is the game, 27/10/2017, 09:20

Fishing rod, the load, the float,
Gear’s pretty basic.
Hanging on the edge of boat
In the water basin.
Waltzing to the tune of wind,
Steadily and gently.
Growing quiet from within,
Building up a temple.
Jiggled’s up a piece of wood,
Played off by the wave.
Like a caring parent would,
Always playing safe.
Looking forward to the take,
Longing for it rotten.
Not a chance for a mistake,
Better test the water.
Fishing rod, the load, the float,
Tackle is the same.
Hanging on the edge of boat,
Patience is the game.

Eltchin , Filed under: English , Comments (1)

She is onto next thing, 07/08/2017, 06:59

Time and again
She plays a game,
Fraud is her name.
She won’t be sorry!
To scrap confined,
The stack is high
Of those who tried,
No pride or glory!
Care or romance,
No single chance.
With winner stance
She’ll crush and corn you!
Attention’s sought,
She’s friendly not,
Facetious plot
Behind the corner!
And once she’s through,
The sky is blue,
She’s calm and cool
And not reflexing!
And for her age,
She’s wise and sage,
Lost all her rage
She’s onto next thing!

Eltchin , Filed under: English , 2 комментария

A daydream, 18/07/2017, 21:17

«Can I talk to you, lady,
Can I call you my girl?»
She was pure and maiden:
«Try to give it a go!»
«Can I try to be near,
Can I try to be close?»
She was perfectly clear:
«You don’t need any cause!»
«Can I try to assist you,
Can I be of a use?»
She was soft and submissive:
«You don’t need an excuse!»
«Can I call you my pussy,
Can I call you my cat?»
She was sweet and conducive:
«You most certainly can!»
«Can I come a step forward,
Can I give you a kiss?»
She was pretty straightforward:
«You can do as you please!»
All those positive answers
She would give it would seem.
I was flawless and handsome…
It was only a dream.

Eltchin , Filed under: English , 4 комментария

She’ll rise, 12/07/2017, 23:33

She wants to be a secret agent,
She has to turn another page and
She’s always smart and cool.
She wants to climb the social ladder,
She is a person, not a number
And certainly no fool.
Her attitude defies the system,
Her weaknesses are non-existent.
She has a clear plan.
Has time for fun, though schedule’s busy,
Can play it rough and take easy.
She’ll do the best she can.
There is no stroke she can’t endure
She is so strong, she is mature,
Emotionally wise.
For what she does she has no rival,
Against all odds she will survive and
She surely will rise.

Eltchin , Filed under: English , 4 комментария

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