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They all come home, 17/03/09, 04:15

They all come home, some dead, some wounded,
But never same, as been before.
Were there a chance, regret they wouldn’t,
They know what they are fighting for!
They did not do it for the money,
And neither for the fame it brings.
The army fights, they’re all in army,
And simply live with what it means!
They know they are on special mission,
They are protecting their Land.
Not everyone could pass admission,
For what they always meant could stand!
They all come home, some dead, some missing,
Their bodies’ torn, but hearts’ intact.
Though many preach, they wouldn’t listen,
If had to chose, the same would act!

Eltchin , Filed under: English , 3 комментария

3 комментария »

  1. я тебе за все дейителносте блогадарен дуруг мой.

    Комментарий by Talib — 18 марта, 2009 @ 2:33 пп

  2. я очен рады за тебе Елчин м.. ты очен хорошый пишиш стихи…

    Комментарий by Talib — 18 марта, 2009 @ 3:26 пп

  3. првет дорогой дайбох здаровия тебе успеха..

    Комментарий by Talib — 22 марта, 2009 @ 9:35 дп

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