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She’ll rise, 12/07/2017, 23:33

She wants to be a secret agent,
She has to turn another page and
She’s always smart and cool.
She wants to climb the social ladder,
She is a person, not a number
And certainly no fool.
Her attitude defies the system,
Her weaknesses are non-existent.
She has a clear plan.
Has time for fun, though schedule’s busy,
Can play it rough and take easy.
She’ll do the best she can.
There is no stroke she can’t endure
She is so strong, she is mature,
Emotionally wise.
For what she does she has no rival,
Against all odds she will survive and
She surely will rise.

Eltchin , Filed under: English , 4 комментария

4 комментария »

  1. Отлично !

    Комментарий by Zizi — 13 июля, 2017 @ 10:51 дп

  2. Отлично!

    Комментарий by Zizi — 13 июля, 2017 @ 10:52 дп

  3. Zamechatelniy stix!

    Комментарий by Gunel — 13 июля, 2017 @ 12:28 пп

  4. Perfect as always

    Комментарий by Yetar — 13 июля, 2017 @ 10:19 пп

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