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A Poker Face, 31/08/08, 02:48

A hard day’s night-
Is harder still.
Another fight,
And come what will,
The cards are dealt,
But trumps are rare.
It never felt,
That life was fair.
Although astray,
Some chance we stand.
We have to play
With what’s at hand.
And much is not,
How shame it is,
What we have got,
Another miss!
With time to creep,
Those win the race,
Who always keep
A poker face!

Eltchin , Filed under: English , 2 комментария

2 комментария »

  1. What’s happened to you? This poem sounds like something very painful. Of course it is wise and true as usual but why so bitter? I see you always write the way you feel at the moment. Maybe I am not right. I wish I am. Why have you disappeared? Come back! We miss you! Can I help you somehow?

    Комментарий by Vikulja — 1 сентября, 2008 @ 5:53 пп

  2. EGO MASK? GOD Bless You:) PAX*CRISTI:)

    Комментарий by SAMAEL GNOSIS — 10 сентября, 2008 @ 1:02 дп

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