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Sine cura animarum, 09/05/2013, 03:25

Sine cura animarum,
There’s no care, no concern
For the soul, would like to bar them
To the point of no return.
Always comes with certain easiness,
There’s not much that can be done.
They inherit it like business,
From the father to the son.
Deeply rooted in their being,
Rich in dosh, in spirit poor,
That is how they are used to living-
Careless always — sine cura.
Everything they can surmount,
New ideas always flash-
Is the profit all that counts,
Worshiped always is the cash.
World renowned is their direction:
Less to give and much to take.
By the luck and through connections,
There is always much at stake.
Though in luxury they dabble,
Think they are Allmighty God,
Certainly are plebs and rabble,
Destined to decay and rot.

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