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Freedom Banner, 16/11/2019, 08:51

That winter night
Truth came to light,

So little then they knew.

They’ve bet their lives
And paid the price,

No waiver for the due.

And ever since
The nightmare dreams

Became a sad recurrence.

Those nightmare dreams
With bloody scenes —

Continuous disturbance.

The stakes were high,
The win came by

With final proper claim.

That image thing,
Almighty king

Stood up on feet of clay.

Faithbraking stroke,
Machine gun’s smoke.

Dispelled all the belives.

They’d rather die,
But fly so high.

Than live on their knees.

What cherished they
All went astray,

The fear and the pain.

That winter night,
The tracers light,

The place was not the same.

They did what praised,
The banner raised.

Awaited freedom banner.

What was then gained,
Was not in vain.

Commitment was examined.

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