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She is onto next thing, 07/08/2017, 06:59

Time and again
She plays a game,
Fraud is her name.
She won’t be sorry!
To scrap confined,
The stack is high
Of those who tried,
No pride or glory!
Care or romance,
No single chance.
With winner stance
She’ll crush and corn you!
Attention’s sought,
She’s friendly not,
Facetious plot
Behind the corner!
And once she’s through,
The sky is blue,
She’s calm and cool
And not reflexing!
And for her age,
She’s wise and sage,
Lost all her rage
She’s onto next thing!

Eltchin , Filed under: English , 2 комментария

2 комментария »

  1. Dear Elchin it would be great if you gave an interpretation or explanation to this one. It sounds like a proverb. What do you exactly mean by «to scrap confined the stack is high»? I like the flow and the deep meanings though.
    Best ŕegards Mushfig

    Комментарий by Мушфиг Байрам — 9 ноября, 2017 @ 3:36 пп

  2. She will corn you? What does it mean? Also did you want to say reflecting or reflexing? I’d need a bit of clarification of these points.

    Комментарий by Мушфиг Байрам — 9 ноября, 2017 @ 3:47 пп

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