She is feeling alone,
On the Isle of Man!
Wants my coming along,
Being part of her plan!
Wants to hear my voice,
Feel the scent of my skin!
Wishes there was a choice,
She’s still eager and kin!

Are you feeling alone
On the Isle of Man?
Do you want me along,
Be a part of your plan?
Want to hear my voice?
Feel the scent of my skin?
Wish there was better choice?
I am still eager and kin!

Само терпение берет с тебя пример,
Любви даешь ты нежности уроки!
У красоты природы твой размер,
А мудрость лет берет в тебе истоки!
Нежна душой, в которой сила духа,
Ты попросту придумала меня!
Под поступью твоей и камень мягче пуха,
В терпении твоем и год короче дня.
Любви моей извечная обитель-
Душа моя- исполнена тобой.
Стремнину, игнорируя наитий
И отгоняя мыслей скверных рой,
Я часто защищаюсь от ударов,
Сжимаясь так, что корчится лицо,
Ты боль мою сняла, мне, дав в подарок-
Любви поток и нежности кольцо!
Со мной ты, познакомившись едва ли,
Была на ты, как будто много лет,
Твои глаза меня в толпе искали,
И лишь теперь смогли найти ответ!

You broke my heart and let it bleed,
The only joy, you loaned I borrowed,
Is thriving from within indeed.
You brought the poetry of love,
I took it in and tried to swallow.
Your character a stubborn one
And wouldn’t let it to be followed
The way from alter to the pram.
You brought the light, my eyes were dazzled,
My heart did never beat so fast.
I hold you tight confused and puzzled,
How long can drama this like last?
You gave me everything I have,
I never knew so much was there.
You gave more meaning to my life
And taught me ways to love and care.
Your beauty is refined a lot
By tender touches o the nature.
Out-perfected it somewhat
Its own approach to the creation.